Out With The Old, In With The New

So I finished school about a month ago, and I haven't done any new blog posts...shame.
I've been so tired lately, it's as if when all the stress from school was gone, the exhaustion finally set in.
My days have been consumed with skating, ballet, movies, baking, and sleeping.
Not to mention I've been feeling emotionally drained from big drama between me and a close friend.
It's always tough when that happens, and it's left me feeling uninspired and unmotivated concerning my blog.
These events have led me to the decision to cut out all of the negativity in my life- I don't deserve any of it and I shouldn't have to be around it. I've found an amazing friend in Taryn and I don't need to waste my energy on someone who leaves me feeling this way.
Long story short, I've been feeling like..."reinventing" myself. I have a lot of clothing in my closet that I rarely wear anymore, mainly because my style has radically changed in the past 3 years. Sometimes I feel like I'm suffering from a style identity crisis....
So I've pulled quite a few pieces from websites of clothes that I would die to have, and hopefully I'll be able to buy some of them when I finally get my selling blog together...(SOON!)


All images via Fred Flare

I'm bad when it comes to accessories, I hardly ever buy them and then I kick myself later for not having that perfect necklace or ring. I absolutely LOVE the giant watch timepiece necklace, I definitely want to buy that.
Remember how I was talking about my style identity crisis? I think this exemplifies that....
I hardly ever wear dresses, and yet occasionally I wish I had that perfect girly day dress. Sometimes I want to dress feminine and soft, when I normally gravitate to the grunge, edgy rock and roll look. It's my most comfortable style honestly.
But maybe I SHOULD have different styles in my closet, to be versatile? I'm not sure, and Taryn laughs at me when I complain about my "identity". :)
So, what do you think?

Images via Pixie Market

I don't know what to do when it comes to shorts. I rarely wear them because, to be honest, I feel rather self conscious. My legs are really scarred from skating so I feel like that's all anyone can see when I wear shorts.
Another issue? A lot of times I feel most shorts are too short on me.
So I guess I need to find a happy medium...which, I feel I have found in the blush shorts. They're long enough so I won't be constantly pulling them down, and my scars? I'm just going to deal with them I suppose.

Images via Nasty Gal

I love Nasty Gal. Seriously, if I could I would definitely buy every single thing they sell.
After going through my closet I've discovered that I pretty much only wear about 5 tops. I've found that I rarely ever buy tops. I usually gravitate towards shoes.
So I've pulled quite a few that I would definitely want to buy, and I feel like my style is leaning towards these kinds of looks.
images via Nasty Gal

I LOVE that leopard maxi skirt. I think it's gorgeous. The green cargo pants are to die for.
I definitely need to update my "bottoms". I'm tired of wearing jeans all day and everyday. It gets old. I want some awesome pants and skirts!
Plus, those dresses? Love.

Images via Nasty Gal

Now, what was I saying about shoes?
This fall I really want to update my boot collection. I bought a pair of black leather boots and I wear them constantly. I love the tan boots, and I've wanted a pair for a while, but I'm not sure if I like the ones with the heel better than the ones without.
Bummer but the gorgeous black heels with the spikes are sold out....hopefully they'll get more in!

All in all, I actually think this post has helped me figure out my "style".
No matter what I wear, whether it be a pretty dress, a skirt, cargo pants, or just a tank, it always has that edge to it. The spiky heels, or the slashed top, I'm always going to put that grunge rock n' roll vibe into it.
You can't fight who you are.