La La La La Lita

I know I know I fell behind again, and the sad thing is I've been meaning to do THIS post for three weeks. But this has to be a quickie, I'm on my way to pick up my friend from Switzerland at the airport! I met her in 2007 at an international competition in Morges, Switzerland, and I had another competition in Grindelwald, Switerland, in 2008 and I had dinner at her house in Zurich. We kept in touch and she emailed me last September to ask if she could come and see me :) I'm super excited, it's her very first time to the United States and she's staying with me for two weeks :) I'm super pumped to spend three days at Disneyland. YES.
~ ~ ~
So anyways, I got an awesome pair of Litas for Christmas! They are ridiculously comfortable, which I was definitely not expecting based on their height. I decided to get the taupe ones, and hopefully soon I'll buy the black, grey suede, brown distressed, and that nude suede. Ugh I love these shoes too much.

Taupe Suede Litas worn with J Brand pants, leather jacket and Sinful tee.

Since I'll be taking my friend everywhere around Los Angeles and such, I should have plenty of new posts coming of our escapades :)