Ok Ok I am officially making a promise to myself to do at least ONE blog post every week. I have about 2 months off for winter break and I am going to be productive! Thanks to Pinterest my life has zero social time......if anyone wants an invite let me know! I'm obsessed.

Does anyone have trouble taking their own pictures? I use the self-timer on mine but lately I've been noticing I'm out of focus.....I focus the lens where I want it and then jump in at the last minute for the picture! It ends up with the background being really clear and me blurry.....any tips? My friend recommended I use manual focus but I thought I'd ask my fellow bloggers :)

How was everyone's Christmas?? I love Christmastime...I've spent so much time at Disneyland this month! It's so beautifully decorated during the holidays.

Aren't the textures cool? I love this skirt it's SO comfy.

Zara skirt, Urban Outfitters denim shirt and crop top, Jeffrey Campbell Litas




Happy after turkey day! I hope all of my lovely followers had a great Thanksgiving. Did anyone go Black Friday shopping? I've NEVER gone and I actually went this year. But I waited until 8PM....so can I really call it Black Friday shopping?

I can't believe it's almost December already! Time has gone by so quickly. School is almost over for the semester! My last day is December 7th....thank god it's almost over because I've been trying to write my research paper for 2 days now and it just isn't happening. I thought I'd take a break and do a blog post :)

This All Saints dress is probably my favorite piece in my closet. I love the draping and the detail on it, and it's super comfortable! I wore this outfit to school one day......and did my best 'Birds Ate My Face' impersonation in the last picture.

All Saints dress, leather jacket, Jeffrey Campbell Litas



Invisible Monsters

You know that moment when you put frequently worn pieces together and have the 'AHA!' moment where they look perfect together and yet you've never thought of wearing them that way?
I had that with this outfit. I always wear this shirt but I've never worn it with this skirt, and the cardigan is one of my favorite pieces in my closet! Lately I've been obsessed with wearing this belt knotted.

P.S. On a side note, if you catch the Palahniuk reference in the title then high five! If not, Invisible Monsters is one of my absolute FAVORITE books by my favorite author. I highly recommend it.

Minkpink cardigan, Lussh top, Vintage skirt + belt, Boutique 9 boots



Silent Sea

The other day we had some surprisingly chilly weather in Cali! It was cold and rainy and dreary.....so perfect. I actually got to wear a coat! It's so frustrating that it isn't ever cold enough to wear a coat where I live. Especially since I love coats!

Brandy&Melville knit, Soho Drape Wool Jacket, Enzo Angiolini boots


I got the amazing shredded tights at NastyGal! I adore that site. I recently submitted an application to be an affiliate! Anyways, I'm doing my best to get back into the blogging mode. I come up with these great outfits 2x a week for school but I never have time to take pictures before I have to leave! It's so frustrating! Maybe I'll work out the kinks next semester.
Speaking of which, I changed my major again! First I had decided I wanted to major in Anthropology because I eventually wanted a PhD in Egyptology. However I gave it a lot of thought long-term wise and I decided that even though I love Egyptology it's probably not the wisest degree choice. SO I've settled back on my Bio degree, because I want to be an orthopedic surgeon! So this means lots and lots of schooling. But I'm excited at the prospect of the future!



Denim and Leather

I am so in love with this jacket. Love isn't even the right word- Admire....worship....cherish.....idolize.... it can't even be put into words how much I love this jacket.

Denim biker jacket [storets.com], J Brand jeans, Steve Madden booties, vintage Charles Jourdan sunglasses

Isn't the detail gorgeous? The sleeves have these stitched leather panels that I just adore. This jacket is definitely one of my favorite pieces in my closet now!

p.s. sorry for the grainy picture quality, my dad messed up the sensitivity level when we were in Sun Valley but luckily I fixed it.


Part 3

So I just looked at how many times I've blogged in 2011.....and it said 4.....how sad. I'm really falling behind on this. But anyways, I'll continue with June :)

I graduated from high school! The ceremony itself was in Ojai, and after my family went up to Santa Barbara for the day since it was only about a half hour farther. It was such a gorgeous day!

This is Anne, my friend from Michigan! I love her :)

Forever 21 dress, vintage belt, leather jacket, and Disneyland buttons on my purse :)

such a gorgeous ocean!

After the graduation weekend was over, we wandered around LA for the rest of the time Anne was visiting. We went to the La Brea Tar Pits, the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA, and Disneyland!!

Nasty Gal top, Cheap Monday jeans, converse

Saber tooth tiger skulls, they had about 900!

STAR TOURS! I was so excited for the re-opening, since it's always been my favorite ride. It was amazing!!! Apparently there are 54 different tracks for the ride, so it'll be a little bit different each time you go on it.

Pineapple float on the Jungle Cruise. Yum.

Forever 21 top, vintage shorts

Tim Burton!

(And yes, that is a Chewbacca backpack)

I only managed to get two pictures before they said no photography was permitted......

Love the LACMA lights! And my mom :)