Geek C'est Chic

Happy Friday!

I call these shorts my "pirate" shorts. Not exactly sure why.

Isn't this belt incredible? My mom finally let me have it. I also have the same one in white. I'd wear it with everything if I could, but unfortunately I can only wear it with high-waisted things.

I felt like stepping out of my "norm" of pants and jeans to wear shorts. I actually love this pair, they're super comfortable and made of soft velvet. I just HAD to wear my glasses. It made my outfit complete, geek c'est chic. (:

Shorts: Vintage Espirit
Shirt: BGD
Belt: Vintage

My week has pretty much been consumed with homework. I decided to take a picture of what has become my "home". I always have a giant mug of Lipton tea with milk, my trader joe's organic popcorn (AMAZING), my computer, and yucky homework. I'm currently focusing on psychology. I actually like it more than I thought I would. It's inspired me to do a photoshoot of some of the psychological disorders- depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.
Hopefully this summer I can finally do all my "projects" that are stored in my brain and make them a reality. I have what I call my "inspiration journal", where I collect pictures and words and ideas for shoots that I want to do with Taryn (style phenomenon). It's quickly accumulating a year's worth of potential "shoots".


Climbing Trees

This past weekend my good friend Shannon came over and we went on a little....adventure.
We walked about a mile from my house to a reservoir and found a dirt path that led to a brilliant little paradise.
There were beautiful yellow wildflowers everywhere! That's what I love most about spring, it seems like every square inch of earth is covered in something beautiful.

As we went farther down the path, we found the perfect group of trees.
I felt like such a kid again, climbing on the big branches and limbs!

Yes i know, my shoes are not attractive. But hey, when you're climbing trees, you have to be prepared right?

I have to say, the best moments were when people would walk/run/job by on the sidewalk around the reservoir while we were hiding in the trees.
They had NO idea we were right above them! And let me tell you....the things people do when they think they're alone? NOT COOL. People are very strange.

On another note: for some reason my camera made my shirt look more blue than purple. Maybe it was the filter I had, or maybe the light, I don't really know.
What I DO know is that it was driving me crazy!
So I had to take a random picture of my shirt to prove it's purple.

My hair is growing at a ridiculously slow rate. I haven't cut it in almost 3 months, and it hasn't even grown an inch! Now I feel like it's just a giant shaggy mess. I call it my lion's mane.
Shannon and I found another photo op, we went farther up the trail and found a creek bed and mini-forest.
I think I've found my new favorite place.

Is that not the BIGGEST bird's nest you've ever seen? I wonder what kind of bird made it.......maybe I don't want to know....

Purple Silk Shirt: Argenti Blouses
Jeans: Blank Denim

P.S. I recently got a Flickr! Check it outtt (:


Danananananana BATMAN!

Oh, how I love the rain.
The weather in California has been so weird lately. Monday it was sunny and beautiful, and Tuesday and today have been raaaiinnyy.
But I like it (:

I just got my hair done today.
I actually love the way it's growing out.

This is my impression of my gargoyle.
I named him Dominic.

I LOVE my backyard in the spring. Everything is in bloom.

Leopard Blazer: Charles Grey
Batman shirt: JunkFood
Jeans: Blank Denim
Boots: Boutique 9

Oh how I love Batman. You may not know this, but I kind of AM Batman.
Yeah I know, I'm awesome. (:
I even put Batman baindaids on the toes of my skates, to protect the "white" while I'm training.
There is always a method to my madness.
It seems like all I've been wearing are my boots.
Don't get me wrong- I LOVE them. They're made of the softest leather imaginable and are super comfortable to wear.
I can't really wear any of my cool shoes, I'm not allowed to wear heels right now because of my surgery.
Something to do with the fact that the heel shifts my pelvis and then puts too much strain on the part of my hip that I had operated on. Oh well.
I have yet to wear my Leopard Ashish X Topshop wedges that I got for Christmas. Damn it.

I'm so excited, I've gotten more followers recently! You guys ROCK!
Oh, and in other news, I recently ordered the Chanel eyeshadow quad in Kaska Beige from the Spring 2010 line.
It came yesterday, and I wore it for the first time today. It's my new love(:


Paris, je t'aime

Oh, go to Paris.... In the midday gloom
Of some old quarter take a little room
That looks off over Paris and its towers
From Saint Gervais round to the Emperor's Tomb--

So high that you can hear a mating dove
Croon down the chimney from the roof above,
See NĂ´tre Dame and know how sweet it is
To wake between Our Lady and our love.

And have a little balcony to bring
Fair plants to fill with verdure and blossoming,
That sparrows seek, to feed from pretty hands,
And swallows circle over in the Spring.

Excerpt of "Paris" by Alan Seeger

This is one of my favorite editorials...I find it breathtaking.
Everything about the city of Paris is beautiful and ethereal.
I remember getting my hair done at the salon, and I was reading vogue and saw this editorial.
My first course of action was to sigh and gush about it, because it was featured in my favorite city in the world, and with one of my favorite models.
Then I immediately texted Taryn (Style Phenomenon) to go pick up a copy of Vogue October 09 IMMEDIATELY!
I even convinced my hair dresser to let me keep the salon copy of the magazine.
When I finally get around to making my giant photo collage on the wall in my room, this is definitely getting a place of honor.

Images via livejournal, poem via blackcatpoems


Delirium// Inspiration Compilation 1

A few months ago, my mom and I were going through a bunch of her old clothes- vintage jackets, leather skirts, Z Cavaricci pants, you name it.
There was so much of it, we didn't know what to do!
Then I said, "Why don't we sell it?"
AND BAM! Exquisite Acquisitions was born.

My mom and I have been diligently putting the blog together, deciding exactly what we want to do with it, and cataloging the 315+ items that we have for sale.
We decided that, while the main reason for creating the blog was to sell her amazing collection of vintage clothes, why not let other people sell their stuff too?
So if you have, say a pair of Zara shorts that you want to sell, you can use
Exquisite Acquisitions!
cool right?

I'm so excited for the new blog to be up and running, that I thought I might give you guys a little taste of what's to come!


Vintage Carmen Marc Valvo dress, size 4

Vintage Stefanel Pink Heavy Knit Sweater, One Size (fits all)

Vintage Absolute Cotton Fuschia Crochet Sweater, One Size (fits all)

Vintage Absolute Cotton Blue Crochet Sweater, One Size (fits all)


Instead of taking boring pictures of the clothes on hangers and such, my mom and I decided to "model" them.
The pearls with the CMV dress, and the belts/tights/boots with the sweaters are NOT for sale.
It's just to show potential buyers how each item could be styled.

Email me at thevixenmix@gmail.com for now if you are interested in any of the above featured items!


Time Warp

Okay so, I've decided to do the occasional post on things that "inspire" me; whether it be a person, song, photograph, or a random object.
It doesn't matter what it is, just that it influences me in some way.


My Mom has always been my muse, and she'll always be my best friend.
She's beautiful, and she's always had great style.
I have 25 years of brilliance chronicled to share with you.

Top Pic: Mom (on left) age 18
Bottom: Mom (on right) age 18, on college campus (Chapman)

From top left, counterclockwise: My Mom and Dad on New Year's Eve, age 23 (1988); Mom and Dad on honeymoon, age 25 (1990); Mom on ski trip, age 24

(Each outfit she's wearing, I now have.)

L-R: San Francisco, age 23 (1988), Ski Outfit, age 23

From top right, clockwise: Honeymoon, age 25; in Mammoth (wearing Llama coat, I do have that) age 24; Cutest picture EVER (1988)
(loving those cow pants, which I do NOT have unfortunately)

On far left: age 23, bought herself a white mink coat. (still has it)

L-R: Bubble dress from I Magnin & Company, age 23; in San Francisco, age 23

(The Bubble Dress has been passed on to me)

L-R: Bridal shower, age 25 (have that dress); Green leather outfit, age 22

She REFUSES to give me that leather outfit. i WILL have it one day. or else.

My mom was an equestrian, National Champion actually.
(1990, after wedding)
She's with two of her horses, Jahil (R) and Tigger (L)

(have those jeans AND sweatshirt...and bow.)

Wedding, age 25 (1990)

This is my absolute favorite picture of my mom. I think her wedding dress is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen.

L-R: Wedding night, 1990; On honeymoon in Hawaii

(She still has the white two-piece fox fur outfit, she has yet to actually give it to me but I am allowed to wear it)

Baby Brother...and brunette phase (1991). My mom had every hair color/hair style possible.

(I wear those sunglasses everyday)

L-R: Second favorite picture, at Disneyland with my brother, age 27 (1992); Z Cavaricci denim vest, age 31 (1996)

Brother's first birthday, age 26 (1991)

10 years: 1989 Engagement Picture; 1999 Portrait.

In Vail, Colorado (2010)

A lot of people think I dyed my hair to be like Hayley Williams- but that's not the case at all. I've wanted my hair the same color as my mom's since I was 5 years old. Hers has been red since 1998.

My mom is beyond amazing. At the age of 45, she doesn't look day over 30, AND she can still fit into every single piece of clothing she saved, from 1988.

My mom ROCKS.

P.S. My mom and I are currently setting up a blog to sell clothes.
It's under construction right now, but a TON of her vintage clothes and shoes will be for sale.
The Ski Outfit and Z Cavaricci denim vest are for sale, along with 300 other articles of STUFF.

This was the first picture we took for our blog, featuring a vintage Carmen Marc Valvo dress.
It was taken 2 days ago.