Like cloak and dagger, see Seabury Quinn

And like a nightmare, covering the tracks that had brought you there
Paranoid and frozen in the heavens
Like a slasher film
I’m torn in opposite directions
The plot sucks but the killings are gorgeous

Don't you love it when you fall in love with an old song all over again?
I'm big into music. I absolutely love it. So much, I'm trying to start a band. Unfortunately I can't sing, but I can play guitar(:
For the most part, I listen to alternative and rock. I adore oldies, and I enjoy the occasional screamo song.

One band that has captivated my ears for about 11 years is Motion City Soundtrack.
In their earlier days, they were more...raw. You could hear the potential but they weren't quite smooth yet. I guess I would consider their earlier days to be more punk than what their present albums are putting out.
Their most current album, My Dinosaur Life, was released over the summer and is a masterpiece. I've become re-addicted to it, especially the songs "Pulp Fiction", "Stand Too Close", "Her Words Destroyed My Planet", and "A Lifeless Ordinary (Need a Little Help)"
I love the lyrics that MCS comes up with...pure genius. Not one of their songs is predictable, and I find that it sets them apart from other bands.
I highly recommend you take a listen(:

Now, enough of my music rambling! Back to my outfit post.

I took my pictures in my backyard this time...I love springtime. We've had wisteria on our gazebo for about 5 years, and this year it FINALLY flowered! I love our gazebo....I adore the thick vines that trail up each column.

I changed my hair color a little bit...I decided to take all the RO out (red-orange). I love how it turned out. I may put a dash of violet in it next time, I haven't decided yet. I HAVE decided to grow it out! I used to have long blonde hair, and while I don't miss the blonde, I do miss the length. I'm undecided on my bangs though. Keep them, or grow them out? Thoughts?

My dad took my pictures for me....I think he kind of failed on the "accessory picture". He was having so much fun using my camera, I didn't want to ruin his moment. (;

The wisteria! isn't it beautiful?

I decided to pull my hair back, so I used a barrette that my Great-Grandma Nonie gave me when I was 5. She was fabulous. I'll have to do a post on her one day!

Boyfriend Blazer: Kenna-T
Top: Butterfly Dropout
Cords: J Brand
Boots: Boutique 9
Accessories: Metropark

Sometimes I wonder if my posts are too long. Do people actually read what I'm writing, or just look at my pictures? Oh well. I guess I don't care. I have fun writing my thoughts.
I decided to post more about Motion City Soundtrack, write a few of the songs I think you guys should check out!

Definitely check out the songs I posted above, and in addition to those, take a listen to "Perfect Teeth", "A.O.K", "Even If It Kills Me", "Antonia", "Not Asking You To Leave", "Last Night", "Everything is Alright", "Where I Belong", and a personal favorite, "It Had To Be You".


That's What She Said

On Wednesday of last week, I got to do something amaazzinggg!
I spent the whole day on the set of my favorite TV show of 7 years, The Office!

Mom and me(:

Me and Rainn Wilson. Dwight Schrute is DEFINITELY my favorite character.

L-R: My beautiful mom, Ed Helms, Me, and Steve Carell

Wearing Dwight's glasses, at his desk! (:

Michael's desk and the 'World's Best Boss' mug!

Accounting Department!

L-R: Mom, Leslie David Baker, Me, Phyllis Smith

At Jim's Desk(:

behind the scenes

Chillin' in the break room(:

Sitting in Dwight's Car! (:


Philip Shea, props master/good friend and reason I was able to visit the set!

editing room, I LOVED it there. The editor is my new best friend. (:

L-R: Paul Lieberstein, Mom, Oscar Nunez, Me, Kate Flannery

Dwight's Car (again)

Me and Creed(:



L-R: Jenna Fischer, Mom, Me, Angela Kinsey

Dwight's desk!

Jacket: Vintage teal leather jacket (from Mom)
Tank Top: Target
Jeans: Blank Denim
Shoes: Boutique 9

Now, at this point you're probably saying to yourself, "how the hell...."
Well, let me explain.
In December of 09, I went to Vail, CO to have surgery on my hip in order to repair a torn labrum. A few days after my surgery, I was in physical therapy and I saw this guy had on a Dunder Mifflin hat.
Naturally, as a massive fan of the show, I said "Hey I like your hat!"
Somehow this was a springboard for a conversation I never could have imagined.
He and my mom were talking about all kinds of stuff, and then he mentioned that he just happened to be the Props Master for The Office.
He then went on to say when we got back to LA, we should come to the show!
At that point, I had pretty much stopped breathing.
So long story short, we kept in touch over the months and he emailed my mom the other weekend and invited us down on Wednesday.
Let me just say, it was one of the best days of my life.
I spent about 7 hours on the set, and met all the cast and crew members except for John Krasinski (Jim Halpert) and Brian Baumgartner (Kevin Malone).
I was a little bummed about not meeting them, but Philip (props master) said I could come back another day.
My Mom and I got a tour of the set and property, watched them film scenes for upcoming episodes, had lunch with the cast, and talked to each cast member individually for at least 10 minutes.
I took a picture of the cast with me and they all signed it! They were all so nice and down to earth, it was just an amazing experience.

(Unfortunately my mom wouldn't let me take MY camera, since she claimed it was "too big and bulky". She used her little point-and-shoot, so I apologize for the quality of the pictures. She's as stubborn as I am, and claims her camera is just as good as mine. Hah, okay.)


Aye Aye, Capitan.

Top: Lusshhh
Jeans: Vintage (from Mom) with Lace inset
Leather Jacket: Metropark
Shoes: Boutique 9

Recently I went up to LA with my best friend Taryn, her sister Jamie, and her parents to see Alice in Wonderland at the El Capitan Theatre. It was completely gorgeous...the inside of the theatre was decorated for the movie.
They had a lot of the costumes downstairs, and the Mad Hatter was my favorite.
I really loved the movie, I enjoyed the "new" take on Alice. I honestly think Tim Burton is a creative genius!
Mia Wasikowska had the most gorgeous long blonde curly hair in the movie...it made me miss mine until I walked out of the theatre and all the females had blonde hair. Oh how it made me love my red.
After the movie, Taryn's parents drove us around the hills in Hollywood and we stopped in a park to take pictures.
I hope to go up to LA with Taryn more and more this summer!


Hi there.

First posts are always so awkward, but I'll take a stab at it.
I'm Alyssa, and I'm 16.
I've been a competitive figure skater for about 8 years, and I love it more than anything.
(I don't get out much because of skating. It's pretty much my life)
I love music, photography, old cars, batman, shoes and taking risks.
I like leather.
Any situation, ANY, and I can use a quote from the Office that relates to it.
I plan on moving to Paris and spending the rest of my life there, drinking espresso, eating pastries, reading books, and enjoying the beauty of my favorite city.
I'm unique, and most chances are, I like you.


My best friend Taryn (style-phenomenon)

My baby pitbull Jett

My Life(: