I didn't realize until AFTER I took the photos that my focus was on manual, and of course I forgot to correct it.

Vintage Nordstrom Point of View dress, vintage Clarissa shoes

For once I actually let my hair be what it is naturally. It depends on my mood if I'm willing to walk out of the house with stringy waves, but I felt it looked okay this time :)
My mom dragged this dress out of our garage a few years ago and gave it to me- I actually forgot about it until I found it at the back of my closet a few days ago! Of course my brother had to insult me, his exact words were "Are you wearing a dress from the stone age?"

P.S. Remember a while back I mentioned my mom and I were making a blog to sell a ton of her vintage clothing? Well, we've been hard at work getting it ready, my BFF Taryn has been modeling for us, and we are almost ready to open! We have about 500 pieces, it's INSANE.