New Beginnings

I've been so busy with the holidays and school I haven't had any time to blog. I went to Vail for a week to see my surgeon and all my friends that I made when I went to have surgery last December (I had a congenital hip impingement that tore my labrum), and then my computer has been acting up, making it difficult to blog. I have to replace the hard drive for a SECOND time....grrrr.

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe it's 2011? Where did the time go? I have many resolutions for this year, and I thought I would share them :)

New Years Resolutions:

*Blog more (heehee)
*Get all of my triple jumps clean and consistent
*Train to get back into competing shape
*Be ready for Cup of Stockholm in March
*Make it to the 2012 National Championships
*Finally get my selling blog up and running
*Complete more photo projects
*Finish school early

So....of course the first resolution...BLOG MORE. It's so beyond difficult for me to do this. Way more than I had originally anticipated. I wear skating clothes 5/7 days a week, and the other two days I essentially wear pajamas. And with school always in my way and training for most of the day, the little free time I have is devoted to mindless TV watching or relaxing with a good book. I actually think I'm going to revamp my blog a bit and feature book reviews and baking. I'm a closet French pastry chef :)

The other resolutions are of course skating related. It's been quite an adventure for me, especially in the last 4 years. I've been injured for the majority of those long 4 years. Mysterious hip pain and multiple stress fractures put me off the ice for months at a time. The 2008 and 2009 competition season I competed twice. I must have been on the ice for maybe 4 out of 12 months. It was heartbreaking. I was unmotivated and depressed, and a personal problem concerning a close friend who did something so out of line and completely betrayed me put even more strain on my mental health.
It was not a good time. Then I finally found out what was causing my hip pain, and I had to go through a very complicated surgery to repair it. The surgery was about 3.5 hours long and my surgeon did about 4 different procedures.
Through weeks of pain and rehab I slowly made my way back. I had to relearn how to walk, and I relearned how to skate. I think I am most proud of myself for those first few months, for not giving up. It was probably THE hardest thing I have ever had to go through.
But it's made me a different person, and I will never again take my gift for granted. I feel as if I've been reborn, given a second chance.

I am a phoenix. I live by this quote:

"Only after disaster can we be resurrected. It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything."- Chuck Palahniuk

So my other resolutions are actually goals that I know I can do, to prove to myself that I belong in this sport and I am a success story.

So tell me, what are some of YOUR new year's resolutions?