Ok Ok I am officially making a promise to myself to do at least ONE blog post every week. I have about 2 months off for winter break and I am going to be productive! Thanks to Pinterest my life has zero social time......if anyone wants an invite let me know! I'm obsessed.

Does anyone have trouble taking their own pictures? I use the self-timer on mine but lately I've been noticing I'm out of focus.....I focus the lens where I want it and then jump in at the last minute for the picture! It ends up with the background being really clear and me blurry.....any tips? My friend recommended I use manual focus but I thought I'd ask my fellow bloggers :)

How was everyone's Christmas?? I love Christmastime...I've spent so much time at Disneyland this month! It's so beautifully decorated during the holidays.

Aren't the textures cool? I love this skirt it's SO comfy.

Zara skirt, Urban Outfitters denim shirt and crop top, Jeffrey Campbell Litas



Linda said...

I love this outfit and the way you styled the skirt for a casual chic look! <3

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NRC♥ said...

Fab skirt and hair <3


Vale ♥ said...

You look amazing, love the look and your hair <3
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April said...

You pull that skirt off great! When I was in zara I honestly couldnt picture it looking cute on anyone but it looks great i you! :)

Rochelle's Closet said...

Lovely outfit ;-)


DontLetMeOut by. CrisGuco said...

Litas are amazinnngg :)
I love Jeffrey

Nice bloggggg

see you soon :)

Melissa said...

Self-timmer never really works for me neither, and I don't have any tips besides asking someone to take your photos? you have stunning outfits and i really adore your hair! x

Jeasmine Incoglia - keep in touch with fashion said...

wooowww great look baby!! thanks for your visit also I like your blog, Now I am happy to be your follower , I hope you will want to follow me also on facebook
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Marcela Gmd said...

Hi lovely, I like your style!!
Maybe we can follow each other?
You like art and fashion?
Have a nice day!

Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

M said...

your style is aweeeesome! love it:)

The Desert Fox said...

so gorgeous! love your pixie hair cut!


Psycho Cat said...

We want a new post :)

Ly said...

I love the ruching on your skirt. And your shoes are amazing too.


WOLF359 said...

I love the Litas, they look really great with this outfit!

Olya Baileys - fashion kuraga said...

You both look so great and happy!