long locks and flowing dresses

My eyes have been captivated by visions of long tresses and beautifully sweeping garments, inspiring me to run through fields of flowers in the wind, to songs of Adele and Jeremy Messersmith, with layers of chiffon streaming behind me. Romantic, girly, effortless, beautiful, free- all these words escape my mind when I see such images. I hope to one day both partake in and produce such beautiful art.
all images via tumblr


ching said...

wow, all of these are just inspiring. so elegant in every way.

Meg said...

these are all absolutely stunning.

Sasha B. said...

ahh i lovelovelove all these pics! the movement is so beautiful!

sheshotta said...

The first picture is amazing !

Wardrobe Wars said...

this has to be the most beautiful collection of photo's we have seen in a long time , INSPIRED ! thanks so much for sharing them .

Greeting from Ireland.
Fifi and Niamh .

hope you stop by some time and let us know what you think.

the chirpy bird said...

Oh my goodness! What a dreamy collection of images! There's nothing like seeing a girl who can wear a dress, it's inspiring right? Thanks for the inspiration!
xox tash

emily said...

yes yes, i'm following you! :)

these pictures are beautiful! i esp love the flower head bands and the dresses by the window! :)

ps i'm having a giveaway... come take a look! :)

VICTORIA said...

Wow ! Your blog is seriously inspiring!! I loved this post! great selection of images !

x victoria

julie said...

such beautiful fabrics!

ANN said...

Wow, these are so dreamy and beautiful! I love the first and third ones!

Kat said...

Hey girl! Thanks so much for following my blog. I'm following you now also!

Love all the pictures on your blog so far. Especially on this post, all the pics are so soft and delicate! Love it.

See ya around gorgeous.

- kat

Taryn said...

these pictures are SO prittayy :)