Invisible Monsters

You know that moment when you put frequently worn pieces together and have the 'AHA!' moment where they look perfect together and yet you've never thought of wearing them that way?
I had that with this outfit. I always wear this shirt but I've never worn it with this skirt, and the cardigan is one of my favorite pieces in my closet! Lately I've been obsessed with wearing this belt knotted.

P.S. On a side note, if you catch the Palahniuk reference in the title then high five! If not, Invisible Monsters is one of my absolute FAVORITE books by my favorite author. I highly recommend it.

Minkpink cardigan, Lussh top, Vintage skirt + belt, Boutique 9 boots



Nee said...

thanks so much for your comment:) unfortunately i can't see you me... but i follow you anyway!:) have a good day xx


vintage process said...

Great look! I love it!!

The Queen of Hearts said...

You know, your outfit post combination (i.e. leopard print jacket of some sort, white top and black bottom) is definitely trending right now? This is the third time I've come across is since haunting the blogsphere! You look amazing (needless to say). <3


Analisa said...

I love your cardigan and Invisible Monsters!! They need to make a movie after it

Iulia Romana said...

Hello there :) I looooove your haircut and the cardigan :x Also, I am a huge fan of Palahniuk's work (altought I hated his book called Sufocation) but the Diary is one great piece of work !

Confessions of a Psycho Cat said...

I'm in love with your hair and haircut, we have a similar color, hehe :) BTW: cute smile and great cardigan ;)
Kisses :*

Anonymous said...

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follow you back!

Celina said...

Really love the cardigan !!!

BTW: Following you now. Check out my blog and follow too if you want :)

Kisses from Germany!

Sara said...

Hi dear, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, your blog is lovely, amazing and you have great style! Anyway I can't see you among my followers on google friend connect, could you please try again? Thank you! Kisses!

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April said...

I'm obsessing over your cardigan! It's the perfect leopard touch! I love the sequin zara clutch as well from my post! It photographs so well. I think i'll probably invest in it for this season :)


BlueVanilla said...

You are looking fabulous in that cardi! Love the belt addition!

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andaemond said...

love the belt and coat,gorgeous !
i've follow this blog,mind to follow back ? ;)

globetrotter said...

I love the cardigan! The outfit is great!

Hope we can give one another a follow! :)


Vero said...

nice outfit.. like it!!

Claire Vázquez said...

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a kiss, Claire

Fabrizia said...

You look so pretty in these photos, I like them! Nice post!

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NRC♥ said...

Oh I love this and your hair is beaut!


Julie said...

I really like your outfit and your haircolour! what a nice blog :3

G. said...

I love your look! ;)

Simona said...

What amazing photos!
Love your profile picture so much and you´re really beautiful!
I´ll be really very happy if we follow each others, what do you think?:)

Teo said...

Wow i really like your blog,so i'll surely be following you,visit me and if you like my blog follow me as well please


Sara said...

Hi dear, thanks for your sweet comment and yes you showed up on my followers, thank you again!

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