Black Patent

Well, so much for my 'one post a week' goal. As I start my last week of winter break I realize I've spent most of my 2 months off watching old Disney movies, Netflix, going to Disneyland, and hanging out with my best friend Nick. Blogging? What's that? I barely even decided on any New Years resolutions! It's already sixteen days into January and I'm just now doing my first blog post of 2012. So I'm just gonna go ahead and add "blog" to my nonexistent resolutions list.

However, the good news is I'm finally doing a post about my favorite shoes! I hardly ever wear them because they KILL my feet, but it was my brother's 21st birthday so I decided to suck it up and suffer for fashion.

My glorious Christian Louboutin black patent Feticha pumps. So beautiful, but so incredibly painful.

Mom, me, and brother

[L-R] Dallas (brother's best friend), Mom, me, grandpa, Dad, step-grandma, brother

Happy 21st!

Fambam :D

Mom, me, and my grandmother. 3 Generations!

We're silly.

Wearing | NastyGal dress ~ wool coat ~ Christian Louboutin pumps

I wore a new NastyGal dress that I got specifically for the holidays! It's covered with strips and pieces of black fabric with gold metallic paint or something. It's the coolest dress ever.

I'll post again soon! Promise :)



Vale ♥ said...

I love these pics, so happy and the outfits are perfect =) thanks for following my blog, following you too with gfc !
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Analisa said...

HAHA, I spent a lot of my break watching old Disney movies and Netflix too, I can't believe we already go back next week! Whaaa? Those shoes are amazing! And that last photo is my favorite :)

LILLY said...

OMG, i want those shoes :O Looove them.
Awesome hair color btw.

Martina said...

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Femke. said...

Beautiful shoes.. and your family pictures look so cute :)

XOXF. - www.myfashion-expression.blogspot.com

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

Your mom is gorgeous and you look alike so much!!!Also you have a chic style :) I'm following you, return love back?

Stylish By Nature said...

Cool pictures...Gr8 blog :)....Wanna follow each other with GFC, Twitter and Facebook ?

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Stylish By Nature said...

Thanx for following...Following back :)

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The Fashion Moodboard said...

Oh my, those shoes are amazing. And your haircolor is awesome, that looks so good! I'm jealous!

I love your blog btw, now following :)


Chococcuro said...

You know I just LOVE your amazing red hair! The shoes are hot~ They do look painful tho!


Pau Villafuerte said...

I love your hair! You seem to be a really fun person! I'm totally following you back! :)


Anonymous said...

Love the photos, love the shoes. They are gorgeous!!!!Maybe we can follow each other? http://www.fashionmechic.com/

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Gorgeous shoes.. Love all the photos!
Following you... follow back? :)

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Filipa said...

wow the shoes are incredible beautiful, it's a shame they're not comfortable :( you know what they say.. 'beauty hurts' ;)
you have an amazing blog, im your new follower!
i would be honored if you followed me back :)

PATRICIA said...

nice family :):):)