Seventeen Forever

Last Friday was my 17th birthday. I feel so old now......
Anyways, I spent it with my BFF Taryn, and we had dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant with my family.
After, we had a spontaneous photoshoot behind the center.....If you're ever in Tustin, CA, DEFINITELY check out Tokyo Lobby.
I've been going there my whole life, it's amazing.

I finally got to wear my new Modcloth dress! It's actually really comfortable, not itchy at all.

My Mom let me borrow one of her pairs of amazing Jimmy Choo shoes.

So, the reason it's taken me so long to get this post up is because of these pictures.....I've been having a lot of trouble trying to resize them. I put them all on the same setting, and some of the pictures are way bigger than the others!

Oh well, any suggestions? I use photobucket, and I haven't had a problem until now.



mirandolina said...

I definitely love yours outfits!
eh, 17th! i wish i would have had again 17th birthday ;)

Meg said...

Happpppy Belated Birthday! and 17 is hardly old! you two look adorable!

Taryn said...

I loveee this :) your photos look totally fine! do you want them all the same width?

Lucia Del Pasqua said...

you're great!!!

Princess Rhea said...

I hope you had a happy birthday!
(meh, so jealous of those shoes!)