Part 3

So I just looked at how many times I've blogged in 2011.....and it said 4.....how sad. I'm really falling behind on this. But anyways, I'll continue with June :)

I graduated from high school! The ceremony itself was in Ojai, and after my family went up to Santa Barbara for the day since it was only about a half hour farther. It was such a gorgeous day!

This is Anne, my friend from Michigan! I love her :)

Forever 21 dress, vintage belt, leather jacket, and Disneyland buttons on my purse :)

such a gorgeous ocean!

After the graduation weekend was over, we wandered around LA for the rest of the time Anne was visiting. We went to the La Brea Tar Pits, the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA, and Disneyland!!

Nasty Gal top, Cheap Monday jeans, converse

Saber tooth tiger skulls, they had about 900!

STAR TOURS! I was so excited for the re-opening, since it's always been my favorite ride. It was amazing!!! Apparently there are 54 different tracks for the ride, so it'll be a little bit different each time you go on it.

Pineapple float on the Jungle Cruise. Yum.

Forever 21 top, vintage shorts

Tim Burton!

(And yes, that is a Chewbacca backpack)

I only managed to get two pictures before they said no photography was permitted......

Love the LACMA lights! And my mom :)



Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Congrats on graduating! Love that last pic...very cute!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Congratulations girl! That's such a great accomplishment! xoxoxoo

little shadow said...

Ahh congrats! I hope this means you'll blog more :)

Analisa said...

Haha yes, you practically strip down in the restrooms while wearing a romper! Awkward...

Your Chewbacca backpack is awwwesome!

Halie said...

You're style is sick. Love your blog.