Part 2 of my seven month hiatus!

So part 2 will consist of the first part of June. June was an INSANE month! I had my first competition in about 3 years, my first time back out since going through the surgery and all that. I turned 18, graduated from high school, and had my good friend from Michigan, Anne, as a houseguest for a week.

So, starting with the competition!
It was only a spin event, where you basically do 3 different spins, so the whole debacle lasted about a minute and a half. But still, being my first time out I was incredibly nervous. I did get some great pictures though! :)


After the competition, I decided I wanted to have a big birthday party to celebrate my 18th birthday. I actually turned 18 on June 18th :) So I spent the first 2 weeks of June planting about a thousand flowers in the backyard and getting everything ready for the 80+ people that showed up. It turned out to be an amazing party!

Me and Yuna :)

Will, Deanna, and Yuna

Taryn of Style-Phenomenon and Victoria

Tori and Yuna

Deanna, Tori, and Yuna

Taryn and Victoria :)

Gracielle and Eder

Just a few of us :)

Dino, Geena, and Nick

Mindy, Shannon, Remy, Michael, Erica, and my baby Jett :)

Little blurry, my grandma took this one!

My Grandpa and Nana! :)

My Dad and Grandpa with the Fox Family

Christy and my cousin Emily

The Alevizos

Eder, Gracielle, and Diane


Will and Deanna, what dorks :D

Yuna and Taryn!

Anna and Tori!

Love my bestfriend!!

Victoria and Gracielle

My favorite picture of the night, they were dancing

And finally, my CAKE! I got that chocolate motherload cake from Claim Jumper :) 6 layers of pure heaven!

I'll post part 3 soon! I'm thinking my seven month hiatus may turn into a 4 or 5 part post! I just have so many pictures....



That Girl Lucy said...

Wow how much does your hair look! Suits you perfectly lovely. Happy very belated 18th (jealous!) looks like you had a fun day x

Taryn said...

oh my god you posted again! What is this madness? :P


wow those spin-shots look great.

Kel said...

You look amazing on the ice. And happy very belated birthday!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

talking all things French

Fashion Cappuccino said...

That's so cool that you're a figure skater! I love watching figure skating competitions...it takes incredible focus to do those moves! Looks like you're enjoying your time with your family and friends! xoxoxoxo

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

cute pics of your family and friends! very belated birthday wishes!