Like cloak and dagger, see Seabury Quinn

And like a nightmare, covering the tracks that had brought you there
Paranoid and frozen in the heavens
Like a slasher film
I’m torn in opposite directions
The plot sucks but the killings are gorgeous

Don't you love it when you fall in love with an old song all over again?
I'm big into music. I absolutely love it. So much, I'm trying to start a band. Unfortunately I can't sing, but I can play guitar(:
For the most part, I listen to alternative and rock. I adore oldies, and I enjoy the occasional screamo song.

One band that has captivated my ears for about 11 years is Motion City Soundtrack.
In their earlier days, they were more...raw. You could hear the potential but they weren't quite smooth yet. I guess I would consider their earlier days to be more punk than what their present albums are putting out.
Their most current album, My Dinosaur Life, was released over the summer and is a masterpiece. I've become re-addicted to it, especially the songs "Pulp Fiction", "Stand Too Close", "Her Words Destroyed My Planet", and "A Lifeless Ordinary (Need a Little Help)"
I love the lyrics that MCS comes up with...pure genius. Not one of their songs is predictable, and I find that it sets them apart from other bands.
I highly recommend you take a listen(:

Now, enough of my music rambling! Back to my outfit post.

I took my pictures in my backyard this time...I love springtime. We've had wisteria on our gazebo for about 5 years, and this year it FINALLY flowered! I love our gazebo....I adore the thick vines that trail up each column.

I changed my hair color a little bit...I decided to take all the RO out (red-orange). I love how it turned out. I may put a dash of violet in it next time, I haven't decided yet. I HAVE decided to grow it out! I used to have long blonde hair, and while I don't miss the blonde, I do miss the length. I'm undecided on my bangs though. Keep them, or grow them out? Thoughts?

My dad took my pictures for me....I think he kind of failed on the "accessory picture". He was having so much fun using my camera, I didn't want to ruin his moment. (;

The wisteria! isn't it beautiful?

I decided to pull my hair back, so I used a barrette that my Great-Grandma Nonie gave me when I was 5. She was fabulous. I'll have to do a post on her one day!

Boyfriend Blazer: Kenna-T
Top: Butterfly Dropout
Cords: J Brand
Boots: Boutique 9
Accessories: Metropark

Sometimes I wonder if my posts are too long. Do people actually read what I'm writing, or just look at my pictures? Oh well. I guess I don't care. I have fun writing my thoughts.
I decided to post more about Motion City Soundtrack, write a few of the songs I think you guys should check out!

Definitely check out the songs I posted above, and in addition to those, take a listen to "Perfect Teeth", "A.O.K", "Even If It Kills Me", "Antonia", "Not Asking You To Leave", "Last Night", "Everything is Alright", "Where I Belong", and a personal favorite, "It Had To Be You".


Rae said...

I love your outfit and thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog (don't hesitate to follow mine because I'm going to follow yours)!! Just so you know I'm one of the few people who actually read what you wrote (I want to start a band too but I can't sing and the only instrument I play is the flute. . . so we're in the same boat :D), also I ADORE your gazebo in your back yard!! To basically wrap up this long comment, I love your blog so keep up the great posting!!

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Coco said...

The photos are beautiful, and omg your hair!!! I'm sure you get this all the time, but Hayley Williams much?!?

Anonymous said...

Your hair color is fabulous. You rock it girl. xo Mish


sayablack said...

I adore your hair color...beautiful!

sasha b. said...

THIS is your backyard?!!? umm JEALOUS!!! you're soooo gorgeous. and i want your hair.

Walk The Sand said...

Gorgeous top. And awesome boots.
Lovely blog.

Fragalist said...

love the outfit it's really amazing keep up the good work

Rule of Fashion said...

love your outfit

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Rae said...

By the way I'm leaving you an award on my blog so come check it out and congrats!!! :D

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t said...

Cute outfit! :)


Xisca said...

Oh god, I love ur hair color!