Summer Lovin'

Quickie post today! I'm going to a concert with my besties later tonight(:
I'm super pumped for summer this year, which is weird because usually I dread summer.
I don't exactly like the heat.
BUUUTTT this summer, I have several concerts lined up, and tons of time to spend with my BFF Taryn.
The only thing in my way is my homework...grrrr. I'll finish it soon though, I want to go to Warped Tour for my bday!
Anyways, I got together some excellent pictures to get inspired for summer break.

I ordered some new goodies too!
I'm completely in love with my new topshop shirts, and I can't wait to wear my new dress from Modcloth. (:

all images via tumblr and google.


mirandolina said...

The pics are the essence of the summer!
I hope that the concert was great!:)
PS: (i'm starting to follow you, cause i adore all pics in your blog. You have such a good style!)

Nat Elizabeth said...

Beautiful post!
My favourite has to be the bike photo ♥

Becca. said...

beautiful photos, love your new purchases too!

sasha b. said...

gahhh these pictures scream summer! love them all.. and recognize a few ;) i hope me u and taryn can hang this summer! and take cool pics like these :) haha

Meg said...

love these pictures, and it kind of looks like taryn in the picture with the quote on the left.

sasha b. said...

its called milk and honey! its at the camp in costa mesa!

NANCYXO said...

i love all the shorts. and i really like the red hair.


Taryn said...

These make me so excited for summer and s motivated to get done with school!