Delirium// Inspiration Compilation 1

A few months ago, my mom and I were going through a bunch of her old clothes- vintage jackets, leather skirts, Z Cavaricci pants, you name it.
There was so much of it, we didn't know what to do!
Then I said, "Why don't we sell it?"
AND BAM! Exquisite Acquisitions was born.

My mom and I have been diligently putting the blog together, deciding exactly what we want to do with it, and cataloging the 315+ items that we have for sale.
We decided that, while the main reason for creating the blog was to sell her amazing collection of vintage clothes, why not let other people sell their stuff too?
So if you have, say a pair of Zara shorts that you want to sell, you can use
Exquisite Acquisitions!
cool right?

I'm so excited for the new blog to be up and running, that I thought I might give you guys a little taste of what's to come!


Vintage Carmen Marc Valvo dress, size 4

Vintage Stefanel Pink Heavy Knit Sweater, One Size (fits all)

Vintage Absolute Cotton Fuschia Crochet Sweater, One Size (fits all)

Vintage Absolute Cotton Blue Crochet Sweater, One Size (fits all)


Instead of taking boring pictures of the clothes on hangers and such, my mom and I decided to "model" them.
The pearls with the CMV dress, and the belts/tights/boots with the sweaters are NOT for sale.
It's just to show potential buyers how each item could be styled.

Email me at thevixenmix@gmail.com for now if you are interested in any of the above featured items!


Glam Girl said...

Nice jumpers, u look so great!

sasha b. said...

yay! outfit post! omg i feel like u just changed the color of the sweater on the computer hahah i love all the outfits you put together! and those sweaters look SO comfy. I have one similar and its amazing. look gorgeous!

that girl lucy said...

i those sweaters!
gorgeous colours

Xisca said...

Great idea!
May someday I'll buy something :)

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I love that burgundy dress and you make those large sweaters look so chic! xoxo

Nathalie Maggiori said...

You've an amazing hair color, is it your natural?


Meg said...

first off great blog, but what caught my eye originally was that in your headers top corner was the land of make believe sign, that place is right by my house in the middle of nowhere nj. haha it made me laugh

Kata Wagner Berg said...

Just wanna say you are a beautiful woman!

veronicaa said...

Great finds!
I love the first dress. What size are you?
Xo Veronica

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Beautiful clothes and photos! You and your mom are stunning and great models :-) ! xoxoxoxoxo

Jonesy said...

cuuute sneakers!!

I'm a new follower : ) I hope you check out and follow my blog too. Look forward to reading more posts!


ANN said...

I looove the last sweater! I've been obsessed with crochet sweaters lately. & thanks so much, I got the tunic from Alternative Apparel haha, it's linked under my photo :)

Viv said...

love the colors!!!


StuddedLilly said...

you are wearing sweaters my favorite way!!! a big slouchy with a belt and tights!! i love the pink one and the teal blue one, too cute!


Nathalie Maggiori said...

If I had courage I would also have colored my hair like yours, you look so beautiful!

Dylana Suarez said...

These sweater look so comfy and chic!

CCWai said...

I guess it's quite nice to manage a blog like this. You can sell and show at the same time. Really love the dress in your first picture. It's gorgeous. Vintage clothings are great!

Prutha said...

love the fushia sweater


follow if u like what u see? :)

The Kissters said...

love the over-sized sweaters! so cute!