Geek C'est Chic

Happy Friday!

I call these shorts my "pirate" shorts. Not exactly sure why.

Isn't this belt incredible? My mom finally let me have it. I also have the same one in white. I'd wear it with everything if I could, but unfortunately I can only wear it with high-waisted things.

I felt like stepping out of my "norm" of pants and jeans to wear shorts. I actually love this pair, they're super comfortable and made of soft velvet. I just HAD to wear my glasses. It made my outfit complete, geek c'est chic. (:

Shorts: Vintage Espirit
Shirt: BGD
Belt: Vintage

My week has pretty much been consumed with homework. I decided to take a picture of what has become my "home". I always have a giant mug of Lipton tea with milk, my trader joe's organic popcorn (AMAZING), my computer, and yucky homework. I'm currently focusing on psychology. I actually like it more than I thought I would. It's inspired me to do a photoshoot of some of the psychological disorders- depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.
Hopefully this summer I can finally do all my "projects" that are stored in my brain and make them a reality. I have what I call my "inspiration journal", where I collect pictures and words and ideas for shoots that I want to do with Taryn (style phenomenon). It's quickly accumulating a year's worth of potential "shoots".


Rae said...

Cute post your shorts are adorable!!

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that girl lucy said...

ooh major love for whip it, true blood and josie and the pussycats!
you look great, those geek glasses look so cute on you!
and yess amazing belt. so pretty and unique

Xisca said...

That shorts are amazing!

Taryn said...

girlfriend you looking flyyyyy. ok idk why I said that but you DO look cute! and I want to steal those glasses. you know that. PS I love how your desk has the pulley outey thing...my homework is set up exactly the same on the living room table.

Couture said...

Nice look!

Nicole Jarecz said...

wow, loving the belt!!

ANN said...

I love your belt and your glasses top off the whole outfit! :)

Princess Rhea said...

You know, I like your blog. :)

Nathalie Maggiori said...

Love your belt!

Meg said...

that belt is to die for!


Ermm, hello BEAUTIFUL BELT!!!

i love that- it's amazing!

ps. i feel your homework pain- my revision is killing me.


lavelle said...

i spy a true blood box set!

favourite series ever, hands down :) xx