Danananananana BATMAN!

Oh, how I love the rain.
The weather in California has been so weird lately. Monday it was sunny and beautiful, and Tuesday and today have been raaaiinnyy.
But I like it (:

I just got my hair done today.
I actually love the way it's growing out.

This is my impression of my gargoyle.
I named him Dominic.

I LOVE my backyard in the spring. Everything is in bloom.

Leopard Blazer: Charles Grey
Batman shirt: JunkFood
Jeans: Blank Denim
Boots: Boutique 9

Oh how I love Batman. You may not know this, but I kind of AM Batman.
Yeah I know, I'm awesome. (:
I even put Batman baindaids on the toes of my skates, to protect the "white" while I'm training.
There is always a method to my madness.
It seems like all I've been wearing are my boots.
Don't get me wrong- I LOVE them. They're made of the softest leather imaginable and are super comfortable to wear.
I can't really wear any of my cool shoes, I'm not allowed to wear heels right now because of my surgery.
Something to do with the fact that the heel shifts my pelvis and then puts too much strain on the part of my hip that I had operated on. Oh well.
I have yet to wear my Leopard Ashish X Topshop wedges that I got for Christmas. Damn it.

I'm so excited, I've gotten more followers recently! You guys ROCK!
Oh, and in other news, I recently ordered the Chanel eyeshadow quad in Kaska Beige from the Spring 2010 line.
It came yesterday, and I wore it for the first time today. It's my new love(:


Stevie Georgina said...

I LOVE your hair colour! It is perfect!

Also love what your wearing aswell :) xo

sasha b. said...

notttt faiirrrr. i want your cheetah blazer! i want it i want it i want ittt! :( But instead I will drool as I look at it in your beautiful pics! haha. love your hair, looks gorgeous and perfect for this rocker-ish outfit.

Taryn said...

Your hair looks so perff in these pictures. love it all!


Whaaaat? look at ou, your so beautiful, and your hair is nice 2.
Don't worry in a year will be same long.


ANN said...

Haha, weather here is so bipolar! It's really nice right now though :) I love the color of your hair and leopard print!

that girl lucy said...

your outfir is so freakin' amazing (and so is your gorgeous hair)
love the leopard, lace up's, ripped jeans and danananana batman!!

Anonymous said...

I love your style, so fierce:)

Jess said...

Haha its okay - I've got a crazy nerdy obsession with X-Men :P love the bold hair colour. Goes perfectly with the blazer

Meg said...

that hair color looks amazing on you, and i love your back yard its the perfect place for blog pictures!


Nanangel said...

i love your blazer !!!!!

is my frist time in your blog and the post of editorial photos i like to !!!!


t said...

Fantastic blazer!

Princess Rhea said...

Those SHOES! <3 <3
Gosh, I am so jealous... >:(