Paris, je t'aime

Oh, go to Paris.... In the midday gloom
Of some old quarter take a little room
That looks off over Paris and its towers
From Saint Gervais round to the Emperor's Tomb--

So high that you can hear a mating dove
Croon down the chimney from the roof above,
See NĂ´tre Dame and know how sweet it is
To wake between Our Lady and our love.

And have a little balcony to bring
Fair plants to fill with verdure and blossoming,
That sparrows seek, to feed from pretty hands,
And swallows circle over in the Spring.

Excerpt of "Paris" by Alan Seeger

This is one of my favorite editorials...I find it breathtaking.
Everything about the city of Paris is beautiful and ethereal.
I remember getting my hair done at the salon, and I was reading vogue and saw this editorial.
My first course of action was to sigh and gush about it, because it was featured in my favorite city in the world, and with one of my favorite models.
Then I immediately texted Taryn (Style Phenomenon) to go pick up a copy of Vogue October 09 IMMEDIATELY!
I even convinced my hair dresser to let me keep the salon copy of the magazine.
When I finally get around to making my giant photo collage on the wall in my room, this is definitely getting a place of honor.

Images via livejournal, poem via blackcatpoems


ANN said...

My dream is to go to Paris one day, these pictures are so gorgeous!

sasha b. said...

GAH this is a breathtaking spread. I dream of the day i will go to paris and dress like this. so elegant and classy. a girl can dream, right?!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I haven't seen this editorial!! I love everything about this! Karlie looks gorgeous! xoxoxoxo

Taryn said...

This is SO you :) <3

that girl lucy said...

thankyou! hehe aww hope you have a better birthday this year :)
oooh paris, oui oui! (pretty much only french i know haha)
France is definety near the top of my to do/i wish list though
would love to be running around in those gorgeious outfits too!


Such a beautiful editorial, your right :-)
I so wanna go to Paris :3


Anonymous said...

Georgeous pictures:)

CCWai said...

This editorial is very beautiful and definitely very French.
Thanks for sharing such great pictures!

Meg said...

breathtaking is truly the best word for this editorial.

StuddedLilly said...

it is indeed very beautiful!! everything in the shoot is so perfect! my favorite is the one with Valentino's piece..lovely post!!


Fashion By He said...

awesome pictures!! cool blog

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


The Petite Blogger said...

nice editorial shoots!!!! and so nice that ur mum and urself starting a blog!!!! love raiding my mum's old clothes! always find some nice vintage pieces!

xoxo jenna

emily said...

i love paris! and i love your blog! :) xxx