Time Warp

Okay so, I've decided to do the occasional post on things that "inspire" me; whether it be a person, song, photograph, or a random object.
It doesn't matter what it is, just that it influences me in some way.


My Mom has always been my muse, and she'll always be my best friend.
She's beautiful, and she's always had great style.
I have 25 years of brilliance chronicled to share with you.

Top Pic: Mom (on left) age 18
Bottom: Mom (on right) age 18, on college campus (Chapman)

From top left, counterclockwise: My Mom and Dad on New Year's Eve, age 23 (1988); Mom and Dad on honeymoon, age 25 (1990); Mom on ski trip, age 24

(Each outfit she's wearing, I now have.)

L-R: San Francisco, age 23 (1988), Ski Outfit, age 23

From top right, clockwise: Honeymoon, age 25; in Mammoth (wearing Llama coat, I do have that) age 24; Cutest picture EVER (1988)
(loving those cow pants, which I do NOT have unfortunately)

On far left: age 23, bought herself a white mink coat. (still has it)

L-R: Bubble dress from I Magnin & Company, age 23; in San Francisco, age 23

(The Bubble Dress has been passed on to me)

L-R: Bridal shower, age 25 (have that dress); Green leather outfit, age 22

She REFUSES to give me that leather outfit. i WILL have it one day. or else.

My mom was an equestrian, National Champion actually.
(1990, after wedding)
She's with two of her horses, Jahil (R) and Tigger (L)

(have those jeans AND sweatshirt...and bow.)

Wedding, age 25 (1990)

This is my absolute favorite picture of my mom. I think her wedding dress is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen.

L-R: Wedding night, 1990; On honeymoon in Hawaii

(She still has the white two-piece fox fur outfit, she has yet to actually give it to me but I am allowed to wear it)

Baby Brother...and brunette phase (1991). My mom had every hair color/hair style possible.

(I wear those sunglasses everyday)

L-R: Second favorite picture, at Disneyland with my brother, age 27 (1992); Z Cavaricci denim vest, age 31 (1996)

Brother's first birthday, age 26 (1991)

10 years: 1989 Engagement Picture; 1999 Portrait.

In Vail, Colorado (2010)

A lot of people think I dyed my hair to be like Hayley Williams- but that's not the case at all. I've wanted my hair the same color as my mom's since I was 5 years old. Hers has been red since 1998.

My mom is beyond amazing. At the age of 45, she doesn't look day over 30, AND she can still fit into every single piece of clothing she saved, from 1988.

My mom ROCKS.

P.S. My mom and I are currently setting up a blog to sell clothes.
It's under construction right now, but a TON of her vintage clothes and shoes will be for sale.
The Ski Outfit and Z Cavaricci denim vest are for sale, along with 300 other articles of STUFF.

This was the first picture we took for our blog, featuring a vintage Carmen Marc Valvo dress.
It was taken 2 days ago.


Dalida said...

Alyssa, you have paid such a wonderful tribute to your mom. You are a jewel of a daughter, I know Lisa must be so proud of you! I LOVE the outfits!!!!! Dalida

Taryn said...

OMG ok so I love alllll these pictures....but the last one has to be my favorite...cause its so totally your mom in all her fabulous glory :) amaaazinggg <3 what do you need me for you already have a perfect model!!

that girl lucy said...

your mum sure does rock
she's so damn stylish!!
like mother like daughter ;)
I love the first two photos of her, rocking that 80's perm
can't wait for the vintage blog store!

Konstantine. said...

you have got a super beautiful mom. <3

sasha b. said...

omg i am so in love with your mom and i dont even know her! i lovee her style and im envious of your relationship with her! i wish i had all her clothes! great post girlie

StuddedLilly said...

wow, your mom is truly a fashionista! how lucky of you could have all(almost) her vintage stuff!


Anonymous said...

She is georgeous, love her style in the pics too:)

xo Factory Girl

ANN said...

Wow your mom was so stylish, she's beautiful too!

The un-Zen Runner said...

Wow I've only seen people as trendy as your mom in the movies. That's some awesome 80's!

lavelle said...

your mum is beautiful and i totally want the same coloured hair as you both! xx